The construction trades capstone is a
culminating project or experience within a
construction trades program. It provides
students with an opportunity to apply their
acquired skills and knowledge in a real-world construction project. This capstone typically involves planning, executing, and managing a construction project from start to finish, giving students a chance to showcase their practical abilities. Students will be placed at companies where they can incorporate their skills in projects such as: project design, budgeting, materials sourcing, and hands-on construction
work. The construction trades capstone serves as a capstone for students’ training, helping them transition from the classroom to the job site while demonstrating their readiness for careers in the construction industry.

Program Host:

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Year Two

  • Construction Trades Capstone

Completion of year 1 prerequisite for this program. This program is in-person. Please contact your counselor for more  information or to enroll in the program.

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