A surgical technician, also known as a surgical technologist, is a vital healthcare professional who plays a central role in the operating room.
They work closely with surgeons, nurses, and
other surgical team members to ensure surgical procedures run smoothly. Their responsibilities include preparing the operating room, sterilizing instruments, and assisting during surgery by passing instruments, maintaining aseptic conditions, and helping with patient care. Surgical technicians are crucial in maintaining patient safety and ensuring that surgical procedures are conducted efficiently
and effectively. This program centers around
Ophthalmology (Diagnosis and treatment of
disorders of the Eye).

Program Host:

Ophthalmic Technicial Training Institute

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Year One

  • Principles of Healthcare
  • Concentrator A – Medical Terminology
  • Concetrator B – Central Service Technician Fundamentals

Year Two

  • Central Service Technician Capstone

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